Saturday, November 17, 2012

C4K - November

boy raking leaves

Ethan lives in Alberta, Canada. He has three post on his blog, so far. I read his earliest post because I related to it the most. He mentioned that he likes to hunt deer, squirrels, and chickens. In my comment, I shared my mutual love of hunting and I shared the different things that people hunt in Alabama. His second post was an Animoto video of a bunch of different pictures of Alberta. The pictures were gorgeous and the video was very well made! His third post was a series of different aspects of Alberta. There were pictures of different types of wildlife, videos of society, and several maps. I think Ethan is doing a fine job with his blog. I hope he keeps it up.

Bryan lives in California and he is 9 years old. He has a brother, a sister, and a dog. His favorite color is purple. He has around 10 post on his blog and more than half of them are about Mario. He even dressed up as Mario for Halloween. He said that was the best Halloween that he has ever had. They had Halloween activities at school and he got to go to a carnival later that night. He got to wear his costume all day. In my comment, I told him that I was glad that he had a good Halloween and that I loved his costume choice. I also  let him know that I love Mario, too. I actually dressed up as Princess Peach when I was his age. He is a very good writer!

Morgan is in 9th grade Pre-IB History. In her latest post, she writes about Napoleon Bonaparte's thoughts while he was on his death bed. Morgan is a very talented writer. She made this, some what, depressing story interesting to read. She had a couple of grammatical errors, but she's still young. Plus, her work was so much fun to read, that I hardly noticed the mistakes. I hope she keeps writing!

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