Wednesday, November 7, 2012

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A World Where Grades Will Be Left Behind
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In this article, USA Today covers professor Sebastian Thrun's education company called Udacity. This program is one of Thun's many online start-ups. It is based on free online courses. This is a revolutionary concept that it changing the idea of school. Schools are encouraged to "flip" there classrooms. This lets students watch the lecture at home on their computers and then use class time for homework and activities. Online colleges are continuing to grow as well. Students will be able to take colleges classes without the extreme cost of a traditional college and they can do it on their own time.
Thrun goes on to talk about what the future will look like in 30 years. He predicts that grades will not exist, that learning will be quiz and game based, and that instruction will be free. However, he does not predict that traditional schools will disappear, rather be separated from the modern educational system. They will both be effective in their own ways.
I really enjoyed this article. I agree with his predictions. In my own opinion, I feel like a greater percentage of schools will be working with flipped classrooms in the future. This seems to be a growing trend and from what I have read, it seems to be very effective.

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