Monday, December 3, 2012

Blog Post #13

Kid with a magnifying glass
Back to the Future
In this video, Brian Crosby is giving a presentation on the disconnection between students and education. 90% of his fourth grade class are 2nd language learners and too many of them were unable to name their city, state, home address, or telephone number. Crosby teaches science at Agnes Risley Elementary School. In his presentation, he proves that teachers can teach a variety of different skills and subjects within their class. For example, Crosby incorporates computer skills, communication skills, writing and reading skills, and 2nd language comprehension skills while teaching his students about science. It just takes a little bit of creativity.
A Vision of Students Today
This is a video about students and their thoughts about school. I'm not surprised that I've come across more than half of the things mentioned in this video in my own life. I buy expensive textbooks that I never open and have to read materials that don't apply to me. As teachers, I feel like some of these problems can be fixed. We could accomplish more in the classroom and give less busy work; homework and classwork that serves no purpose. I remember doing homework in high school and thinking about how pointless it was. Millions of worksheets that help me accomplish nothing but stress. I feel like the teachers who are willing to change with the times are the only solution to this problem.

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