Sunday, December 2, 2012

C4T #4

Learning is Messy
Brian Crosby has been an elementary school teacher for 30 years in Sparks, Nevada. He uses technology along with field trips, art, hands on activities, and problem based approaches. In his post, Independence Day, Crosby talks about his latest achievement; Taking the position of Gifted and Talented Specialist. These are STEM Academics and are project/problem based, technology integrated approaches towards teaching. They are trying something new by giving all of the teachers HP Laptops for their lessons. If this goes well, the students will get the same laptops. He was interview for the position because of his experience. He is very excited about this change and is looking forward to the new experiences.  

The Mars rover Curiosity
In another post called, Writing Experience Made in the Heavens, Crosby talks about the Mars rover Curiosity. NASA just announced that the Mars rover Curiosity has discovered something groundbreaking or "one for the history books". However, NASA won't be announcing what it is for a couple of weeks. He suggests turning this into a writing assignment. Have the students guess what the Mars rover found. It could be a serious guess or something funny (he suggested your long lost sock). I thought that this was a very creative assignment. It keeps that students current with recent events and let's them show their personality with creative writing. I think that more teachers should think outside of the box like Crosby does. 

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